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Full spectrum premium hemp oil 1000 mg 30 ml

149,00 zl
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Essenz full spectrum premium hemp oil 1000 mg 30 ml is a product containing the full spectrum of naturally occurring substances in hemp, including guaranteed 1000 mg of CBD and 5% terpenes. The high content of terpenes is responsible for enhancing the so-called entourage effect, thanks to which the active substances of the oil show higher absorption and the therapeutic effect is enhanced. Due to the high concentration of terpenes, the oil has a much softer and more pleasant taste. The oil contains terpenes: beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, alpha pinien, fenchol and terpineol.


full spectrum hemp oil (minimum CBD content 1000 mg), organic MCT oil, 5% terpenes


Alfa pinene-has a very characteristic spicy, woody pine aroma. It is the most common terpene in nature and has a wide range of healing properties. Several studies have revealed that it has strong bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, sedative and anxiolytic effects.

Beta-cariophillen-Research suggests that it binds to CB2 receptors and activates the endocannabinoid system.

Myrcene-has a calming and relaxing effect

LimoneneThe medical properties of D-Limonene are well known and include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antinociceptive, antitumor, antidiabetic, antiallergic and antiviral effects.

Linalool-Scientific research has shown that Linalool is one of the most sedating terpenes.

Terpineol-offers a wide range of medical properties as a local anesthetic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive agent.

Fenchol-Like borneol, phenchol is an antibacterial and antifungal agent that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Proposed use

1 ml (33 mg CBD)


Store in a cool, dark place out of the reach of small children

NET amount

30 ml

Full spectrum premium hemp oil 1000 mg 30 ml

149,00 zl

Organic carrier oil

Organic MCT oil

In our Premium line oils, we use certified, organic MCT oil as a carrier. MCT oil is a rich source of medium-saturated fatty acids, constituting a great base for all active substances soluble in fats, because its presence has a positive effect on their absorption.

Entourage effect enhancement


Full Spectrum Premium oils are enhanced with the addition of 5% of our proprietary terpene blend. Thanks to the combination of an exceptionally rich terpene profile and the double standardization of the cannabinoid profile, we obtain the effect of intensifying the entourage effect, while translating into both strengthening the action and giving it a unique flavor.


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