CBD serum

The assortment of our store is full of high-quality hemp cosmetics. In this product category, we offer Zou a variety of CBD serums, thanks to which you will properly take care of your skin. Our offer includes anti-age serum, eye serum, balancing serum and repair serum. Check what we have prepared for you and choose the right cosmetics for you.

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Serum with CBD anti-age - prolong the youthfulness of your skin

Our shop offers an anti-age serum that was created with mature skin in mind. It will also work well in the for mixed, problematic and vascular skin. Its composition is rich in blackberry seed oil, lupine seed oil, rosehip seed oil, perilla seed oil and geranium essential oil. Of course, it also includes full spectrum cbd oil and a guaranteed 500 mg of CBD. Due to its valuable composition, our unique CBD anti-age serum slows down the aging process of the skin. In addition, it revitalizes, moisturizes and tones the skin, while protecting it against the harmful effects of external factors. 100% natural ingredients in combination with organic hempand full spectrum cbd oil will restore your skin's natural glow, making it look young and beautiful.

CBD eye serum - take care of this delicate area of ​​your face

If you are looking for a suitable preparation that will allow you to properly care for the sensitive skin around Your eyes, our CBD eye serum will undoubtedly be a perfect choice. The product contains cucumber seed oil, apple seed oil, blackberry seed oil, borage seed oil, full spectrum cbd oil and a dash of lavender essential oil. Essenz Eye Serum moisturizes, tones and nourishes the skin under the eyes. Its regular use will help you deal with puffiness and discoloration, as well as reduce dark circles in this area. Choose this unique product from our offer and take care of the delicate skin under the eyes.

Hemp balancing face serum - improve the condition of problematic skin

Essenz Balancing Serum is a preparation dedicated to problematic skin. It consists of raspberry seed oil, blackberry seed oil, apple seed oil, full spectrum cbd oil, tea trea essential oil and lavender essential oil. Due to such valuable composition and due to the properties of individual ingredients, the balancing hemp serum has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thanks to this, it will work well in the care of acne-prone skin with excessive sebum secretion. It can also be used by people suffering from eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Repair hemp serum - take care of your skin after cosmetic treatment

You can also buy Essenz Recovery Serum in our online store. It is a reliable repair serum, ideally suited to the care of tattoos, as well as skin after cosmetic and aesthetic medicine treatments. The hemp serum available in this product category contains oils from chokeberry seeds, sea buckthorn, lupine seeds and hemp seeds as well as full spectrum hemp CBD extract. Our preparation has antiallergic and anti-inflammatory properties. It increases resistance to infections while stimulating the regeneration of the epithelium and connective tissue. Essenz Recovery Serum, thanks to its composition of CBD oil, relieves pain, itching and burning. It also has a strong antioxidant effect. By choosing the hemp-based repair face serum we offer, you will shorten the convalescence period of your skin after the treatment, and thus you will regain your good appearance much faster and return to your daily duties. Find out in detail our offer available on essenz.pl and choose the right preparations for you.

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