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Redeem your E$$enz points for prizes!

1. Registration in the program.

There is a "Rewards" drop-down menu in the lower left corner of our homepage. When you click it, a welcome widget will appear. To be able to collect points and exchange them for prizes it is necessary to register in the program ("Join now")

2.Get Points
There are several ways to score points. Of course, the main way is to make purchases, but that's not all ...
Place an order- for each PLN 1 spent in our store you will get 2 E$$enz points
Follow on instagram- like our profile (@essenzoils) on instagram to get 100$$enz points
Like on facebook- like our profile (@essenzoils) on facebook to get 100 E$$enz points
Signup - for registering in the loyalty program you will receive 200 E$$enz points as a welcome
3. And now it's time for the most important ones, i.e. how can You use E$$enz point
Code for 20% discount- for 500 earned E $$ enz
Code for 25% discount- for 1000 E$$enz points earned enz
Code for 30% discount- for 1500 E$$enz points earned enz
2 PLN discount-for every 50 E$$enz points

Use coupon code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order.


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