Exchange points for prizes!

1. Sign up.

In the left bottom corner of our main site You'll find a "Rewards" icon. After clicking it a welcome widget will come up. In order to start colletcting E$$enz points first You need to sign up ("Join now")

2.How to collect E$$enz points
You can collect points in a few ways and of course the main one is purchasing Essenz products...but that's not all.
Place an order-for each 1 PLN spend in our store You'll get 2 E$$enz points
Follow on instagram-like our instagram profile (@essenzoils) to get 100 E$$enz points
Like on facebook-like our facebook profile (@essenzoils) to get 100 E$$enz points
Signup-You'll get 200 E$$enz points just for registering in the program
3.And now without further ado...what can You do with Your E$$enz points.
20% off code-for 500 E$$enz points
25% off code-for 1000 E$$enz points
30% off code-for 1500 E$$enz points
2 PLN off-for every 50 E$$enz points

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