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Zoom Olej konopny 5% raw 15 ml -

Essenz full spectrum hemp oil 5% raw 15 ml

63,00 zl
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Hemp oil 5% raw 15 ml is a full spectrum product based on hemp. It contains the full spectrum of beneficial substances found naturally in hemp. The product contains phytochemicals and flavonoids. The oil has a total 5% concentration of the acid form + the decarboxylated form of CBD that gives 750 mg of active substances in 15 ml of the product.


hemp oil (phytochemicals content at least 5%)

Proposed use

Drop under the tongue, preferably swallow after about 30 seconds. 1 drop = about 2.5 mg of phytochemicals


Store in a cool, dark place out of the reach of small children 

NET amount

15 ml

Essenz full spectrum hemp oil 5% raw 15 ml

63,00 zl

Basic line

Simple, cheap, effective

Oils from the Basic line are the simplest, least advanced Essenz products, although still effective. Obtained in the process of supercritical CO2 extraction. Perfect for people who are just starting their adventure with hemp products.


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