Hemp lozanges

In the essenz.pl store you will find hemp lozanges with a valuable composition and effect. The unique taste will make you love them and they will stay in your first aid kit for good. The lozenges show a number of health-promoting activities, so it is worth taking them regularly. Familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the flavor that will be the best for you.

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Hemp pastilles with a valuable composition

Our pastilles contain full spectrum hemp oil. Thanks to this, it does not lose its unique properties and is a full-value product. Hemp pastilles are available in various variants and slightly differ in composition. Therefore, each of them has different, pro-health properties. A single pill contains 20 mg of natural cannabinoids that are extremely important in the proper functioning of the body.

Hemp pastilles with a unique taste

In the rich offer of our store you will find hemp pills in various flavors. Honey-lemon-ginger, cola, mint and herbal. You choose which one will be the most suitable for you. If you cannot decide, test each of them. Apart from different taste values, they have the same content of phytochemicals, which means that their beneficial effects on your body are the same in each case.

Hemp pastilles for sore throat

The hemp candies we offer are a product that has a positive effect on the functioning of the throat and larynx. It soothes a dry and irritated throat. It is an ideal replacement for popular tablets dedicated to pharyngitis. Its composition includes ginger rhizome extract, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It soothes inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and is also helpful in fighting cold and flu symptoms. Importantly, ginger relieves the symptoms of motion sickness, so our pills can also work in this case. Our product also contains propolis extract, which increases the immunity and defense functions of the body. Replace ineffective drugs for a sore throat with capsules based on full spectrum hemp oil, and you will feel relief. Our products are perfect for the fall-winter season and more. Choose natural products from our store and enjoy good health all year round.

Highly absorbable hemp lozenges

The hemp lozenges available in our offer show higher absorption than in the case of standard application of CBD oil. This is due to the prolonged contact of phytochemicals with the oral mucosa. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your body has absorbed the right dose of valuable ingredients. One 84g hemp tablet provides your body with 20 mg of natural phytochemicals, which is a daily dose for them. By taking the tablets regularly, your well-being will improve significantly and you will regain vitality.

Hemp mint pastilles good for your respiratory tract

In our store's offer you will find mint hemp pills, which, due to their properties, inhale the respiratory tract and significantly improve their functioning. The elderberry extract, eucalyptus oil, marshmallow extract, peppermint oil and linden extract - Tilia vulgaris contained in them show a number of health-promoting effects. They soothe infections of the upper respiratory tract, cleanse the sinuses, and by clearing the upper respiratory tract, they help to get rid of a runny nose. They also show antibacterial properties and soothe coughs. Additionally, they refresh your breath. By choosing mint hemp pills from our offer, you can breathe freely again.

Hemp pastilles in a handy package

The hemp lozenges we offer are in a handy package, in the amount of 24 pieces each. Thanks to this, you can always have them with you, because they do not take up much space. By putting them in your luggage, you don't risk that the oil will stain your clothes, as it could happen with classic oil in a glass bottle. By choosing our hemp lozenges, you can easily provide your body with the recommended dose of phytochemicals, no matter where you are. Do not hesitate and choose the lozenges from our offer today.

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