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Violet glass and its properties

Protection against harmful light rays

Sunlight is considered one of the most important resources on earth. Sunlight is essential for all living things: plants, animals and humans. However, sunlight can also have degrading effects. If a natural product - after reaching maturity - is still exposed to full sunlight, molecular breakdown is accelerated. The unique properties of violet glass filter out these more damaging rays of the visible light spectrum and allow some of the UVA and infrared light waves to pass through, keeping the produce inside fresher for longer.

More specifically, violet glass transmits 25%-45% of light in the 380-420 nanometer range (violet and UVA frequencies) and about 60% in the 730-1050 nanometer range (infrared frequencies). These parts of the light spectrum appear to energize the organic molecules of the products stored in them.

Violet vs. amber glass

As mentioned earlier, when we place a product in clear glass, we expose it to light. As we know, light causes plant growth and accelerates the rotting process of plants that have reached maturity. So, plant-based products packaged in clear glass will experience these unwanted effects of exposure to visible light. On the other hand, colored glass (e.g., amber or cobalt blue) has special properties in terms of the type of light it transmits.

There is a big distinction here: amber glass blocks UVB and UVA rays and transmits light in the visible spectrum, while violet glass blocks visible light and transmits bacteria-killing UVA and UVB rays. Both types of glass transmit infrared rays.

Have you noticed that beer and kombucha are often packaged in amber glass. While violet glass selectively transmits UVA and UVB rays, amber glass blocks them. Since microbial activity is what makes beer and kombucha what they are, we don't want to suppress microbial growth. Therefore, choosing amber glass for these products helps block UV rays and maintain the desired fermentation.

To get a clear picture of how different types of glass transmit and filter different forms of light look at the following illustration:


Violet glass energetic effect

The brilliant purple color of the MIRON glass used to bottle Essenz Broad Spectrum Premium oils is the result of a proprietary blend of mineral oxides and silica. Just as a magnet emits energy that organizes needles in the same direction in a fraction of a second, the bioenergy of the products in MIRON violet glass seems to be organized in a more coherent way. Energy-sensitive people can often tell with their eyes closed whether a particular jar is made of MIRON violet glass or another type of glass.

While all colors create their own emotions and vibrations, purple evokes positive feelings of peace, harmony and well-being, as well as wisdom and creativity. In color therapy, purple is the color of the crown chakra and signifies wisdom, honor and hope. Austrian mystic Jakob Lorber, as well as other mystics - including American healer Edgar Casey - noted the special qualities of the color purple. Furthermore, according to Eastern traditions, the color purple represents the harmony of the universe because it is a combination of red and blue (Yin and Yang). Yang is solar energy - outgoing and free, while Yin is incoming - stored energy and matter. Yin and Yang in opposition create a vortex of energy flow. The color purple - being Yin and Yang - creates a similar vortex of energy, providing a balance between matter and free energy, order and chaos. In MIRON purple glass, the flavor, color, aroma, and biophotonic energy of the product are better preserved and often even enhanced compared to other packaging materials.

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