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Full/broad spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate: how are they different?

The potential benefits of CBD are an important topic of current research and discussion. When talking about the effects of CBD, it is important to determine the form of CBD taken. CBD is available on the market in various forms-the form in which it is taken affects its effects in the body. Hemp extract (CBD hemp oil) and CBD isolate are two popular forms of CBD. These forms differ in their cannabinoid profile and the substances they contain.

BCD Isolate

cbd isolate on table

CBD Isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol. The production process involves extracting CBD oil from hemp, which is then purified - resulting in the precipitation of other cannabinoids, terpenes and natural components of hemp. The final product is a white powder that contains 99% CBD. The isolate contains only CBD and has no taste or smell.

CBD extract

CBD Extract in a bowl

CBD extract retains all the components naturally found in hemp: cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant substances like chlorophyll, naturally occurring waxes and fatty acids. It is usually commercially available in the form of CBD hemp oil.

CBD extract, also known as full spectrum extract, carries all the health-promoting effects associated with hemp. By keeping all of the compounds found in hemp in the extract, the user can still benefit from their synergistic effect known as the entourage effect. According to the scientific theory of the synergistic effect, CBD and other compounds contained in hemp, introduced together into the body mutually increase their absorption and health-promoting effects - so together they act more comprehensively on the body than when they are administered separately.

As an extract from hemp, the user can still benefit from the entourage effect.

As the CBD extract contains all of the substances naturally found in the plant, it also retains trace amounts of THC. In order for the extract to be legal, the level of THC must not exceed 0.2% - an amount that does not induce a so-called high, which for many people is not a desirable effect.

Substituting a CBD extract is not a good idea.

In summary: using CBD isolate we only get the benefits of CBD itself, while using CBD extract (CBD hemp oil) we benefit from the so-called synergistic effect.

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